‘A wave of the Spirit’

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury (left), recently attended the launch of a fresh expression known as The Order of the Black Sheep for those who feel they don’t fit in with society. —courtesy of the Diocese of Derby

But the traditional church must also “realize that sometimes something comes along that is new, and of God, and such is the interest and the sheer take-up of it that you have to listen to what is going on,” he said. “It is, of course, easy to say, but can be difficult to do.”

via Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) – News & Announcements – ‘A wave of the Spirit’.

This is a great article about what the Spirit is doing in some traditional churches in the UK. It has a lot of relevance for what we are talking about with our plans for a “daughter church.” Thanks for sharing it Corey!