The Calm Before the Storm?

Not all storms are bad. Sometimes they bring much-needed change to the environment, especially if there is drought. Even so, perhaps it is not wise to refer to this moment in the process of our development of a new missional community as the “calm before the storm.” But in a way, that is how it feels. I know that there is a lot of work ahead. I know that there are certainly going to be times when the flurry of activity surrounding this process seem storm-like. But right now there is calm, and I take that as God’s gift.

Don’t get me wrong, that does not mean that nothing is happening. We are still waiting for a few more key members to say “yes” to being part of our discernment team. We are eagerly praying that God will lead the right people to the task. Also, I have been amazed at how often in the past couple of weeks I have had conversations with people who have offered to be a part of this process in ways that we have not been formally seeking; yet they seem important – some of them essential. Hopefully, in the future I can share more details about that, but for now I am simply amazed at how the Holy Spirit seems to be putting key components in place and I find myself surprised and dumbfounded because it was not the way we planned it (“oh you of little faith”).

Advent is here. Christmas is on the way. I’m looking forward to some time off and a chance to catch up with family. Then January 2012 comes and the storm arrives! Just like when I was a kid growing up in Central Oregon watching an approaching thunderstorm, I’m both scared and excited for the arrival.

Author: Brandon

I desire to follow Jesus Christ through this adventure of life by loving God and loving others. I'm a dad, husband, and Presbyterian pastor.

One thought on “The Calm Before the Storm?”

  1. Brandon, thank you for the updates on how your journey into this ministry is going. I am excited to hear what is happening. The key components that the Holy Spirit is revealing to you is so uplifting to hear, simple amazing and conformation of his presents in my sons life. What more could we get as a gift this Christmas time but his blessed presence and guidance!

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