Workshop: Day 1

Last night we had our first evening of our “Planting New Churches” workshop led by Craig Williams. It gave us just a glimpse of what lies ahead during the discernment process. We focused on the first step of the process: developing a foundation statement. Specifically, we spent time answering the question: “Who is Jesus?”

At first, it seems like this question is something that we should already be in agreement on and not need to spend much time one. However, when you really try to sit down with a group of believers and talk about this without using “church speak” or fancy theological language you quickly discover the power of having that conversation. As Craig pointed out, we don’t spend enough time talking about this with each other. Even last night I began to sense how quickly talking about our understanding of Jesus pushes us into deeper waters where there is depth and substance. I look forward to working on this task more thoroughly with the discernment team when we begin our “gatherings.”

Tonight we will have our second workshop meeting. If you are in the area and interested in joining us, we would love to have you. We will be meeting from 6:30 – 9:30 PM at Mountain View PC.