Super Rough Drafts

It was a Super Bowl Sunday to remember! The game was a good one for those who like a well-fought competition. It would’ve been better if the Pats had won, but you can’t have everything. The commercials were alright I suppose (seems like the creativity was lacking a bit). But what makes this Superbowl Sunday memorable was that I fell asleep watching the game. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but it happened. And the reason it happened is because of this:

Whiteboard covered with text describing Jesus
Our first drafts: Who is Jesus?

We spent two hours after church with the discernment team starting to write our foundational statement. Actually, we never got beyond the first question: “Who is Jesus?” It was invigorating, challenging, and ultimately exhausting! ¬†What you see in the picture was our first, individual attempts at the question. We then tried to identify common themes and anything essential we needed to add. After that we gathered in three small groups creating consolidated statements before we wrapped things up in time for kickoff. Now we are close! Our hope is that we will wrap up this first question at the beginning of our next meeting and then begin what should be a bit easier: defining church, evangelism, service, and salvation.