Missional Community Growth Model

"Napkin Theology" from GCM Collective
“Napkin Theology” from GCM Collective


There are some great resources on the GCM website if you have not seen it. If I’m honest, I still tend to expect our MC growth to look like the drawing on the left, even as I experience it as the drawing on the right.

Author: Brandon

I desire to follow Jesus Christ through this adventure of life by loving God and loving others. I'm a dad, husband, and Presbyterian pastor.

3 thoughts on “Missional Community Growth Model”

  1. My favorite was the Discipleship drawing. I wish more people, including countless believers, understood how utterly profound that is.

  2. We can, and should, count on the Spirit to work organically, if not unpredictably, within all aspects of Tidelands. As much as it might be a relief, or an affirmation, to reach many of the milestones and goals mentioned in the Mission Plan on the estimated timeline, there are so many variables and unknowns, not the least of which is the Holy Spirit’s movements, which are never going to obey the arbitrary limitations and boundaries of our human perspective.

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