I Asked For a Sign…

… I didn’t think that God would take me quite so literally!

A building for sale on Camano Island.

In all seriousness, we are still not looking for church buildings because we are still moving intentionally through the process of discernment. Right now we are asking “Who?” and “Where?” and “Why?” We are looking for the “vision” of what God is calling us to start. As a part of that process we are doing site visits. This involves going to the Stanwood/Camano Island area and asking questions about what we see and hear and asking locals questions about their community. It also involved looking at statistics and demographic information. We want to be sure that we start with people and God’s heart for reaching the lost rather than a location or a building.

That being said… this “building” (not a “church” if no one is using it, is it?) is not half bad. The last time I went by is said “City Church.” If anyone knows the story, please share!

Author: Brandon

I desire to follow Jesus Christ through this adventure of life by loving God and loving others. I'm a dad, husband, and Presbyterian pastor.

7 thoughts on “I Asked For a Sign…”

  1. Brandon, we’ve gone to that church a few times in the past; along with an evening study (once upon a time.)

    In recent years, it ended up turning into a “video” church. One man, going around our neighborhood as a “missionary,” said the main pastor for the denomination preached elsewhere (i.e. Seattle) and the sermon was broadcast to various satellite churches.

    I asked why we should drive to church instead of staying home and watching a sermon on T.V. He responded that the intention was to have fellowship and Bible studies associated with the mutual T.V. watching.

    I asked if that had happened and he admitted, “No.” No fellowship or Bible studies. People came to the church, watched the sermon on a huge T.V. screen, and left.

    He tried hard to get me to go and even offered a ride; although he didn’t follow up. Tim was not interested in attending. (He said he’d rather watch T.D. Jakes preach on Youtube if he’s going to “watch” a sermon.)

    So, now you know the story. It’s not a big surprise. It may be the church building I saw advertised as being available for rent at 75 cents/square foot.

  2. I like the Cedarhome area… so many possibilities. Lots of new housing.

    By the way, I was wrong about the church lease/advertisement.
    It was for the Lighthouse Christian Church

    Stanwood Lease church or building.
    8303 Park Dr.
    4800 sq ft from 75 cents per sq ft.
    Contact Jeff 360-435-5210

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