I Asked For a Sign…

… I didn’t think that God would take me quite so literally!

A building for sale on Camano Island.

In all seriousness, we are still not looking for church buildings because we are still moving intentionally through the process of discernment. Right now we are asking “Who?” and “Where?” and “Why?” We are looking for the “vision” of what God is calling us to start. As a part of that process we are doing site visits. This involves going to the Stanwood/Camano Island area and asking questions about what we see and hear and asking locals questions about their community. It also involved looking at statistics and demographic information. We want to be sure that we start with people and God’s heart for reaching the lost rather than a location or a building.

That being said… this “building” (not a “church” if no one is using it, is it?) is not half bad. The last time I went by is said “City Church.” If anyone knows the story, please share!